My Honest Wealthy Affiliate University Review

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Price: Starter Membership, $0 
Price: Premium Membership, $49/month OR $359/year 
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Rank: 98 out of 100
Who it’s for: Newbie – Expert

The online world is full of Scams and frauds. There are tons of Programs with lots of hype and drama. They promise to make you Rich Overnight. They offer cheap Membership but when you join them they offer compulsory Upsells to extract all the money you have. Many Programs out there are kind of “Marketers selling the Marketing Program to Marketers to market it to other Marketers“.

Before explaining further I just want to tell you that I am a Premium Member of this Amazing Wealthy Affiliate University Community. I have created my own Portfolio Site the “” with the help and support provided by Wealthy Affiliate University.

I am working as a Freelance Photo Retouch Artist for many years but suddenly I had downfall in my Clients so to enhance my Freelance Career and to find second line of Income Stream I joined Wealthy Affiliate University.

Check out My Profile at Wealthy Affiliate University by username: vijay0204

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Here I am trying my level best to answer all the questions and doubts you may have in your minds. If I missed any, then kindly ask in the Comment Section at the end of the article. I will feel privileged if I can be of any help 🙂

What is Wealthy Affiliate University Program?

Wealth Affiliate is a Community of over 800,000 Internet Entrepreneurs who are more than ready to help you in every possible way to establish your own Website/Online Business. The “Pay it Forward” concept that makes it so amazing i.e. by helping others you will get rewards as credits which you can use either for getting Feedbacks on your newly constructed site from community members or you can cash them out.

Here is the Short Video description by Kyle the co-owner of Wealth Affiliate on how it works.

Here you will get Unlimited Step by Step Training in the form of Videos and Text on every conceivable subject relating to Affiliate Marketing and Setting up your website like….

  • Domains
  • Hosting
  • Website Building
  • WordPress
  • On Page Search Engine Optimization
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • E -Mail Marketing
  • Social Media Marking like Face Book, Twiteer, Instagram, Quora
  • Finding Niche
  • Key word Tools
  • Live Analysis of your site by Jay (Trainer at Wealthy Affiliate University)
  • Weekly New Training added by Jay
  • Live Webinars done every Friday
  • Video Marketing, You Tube Marketing
  • Article Marketing

The Way Training is created is very unique of its kind. After completing each step or lesson you are given some tasks according to what you have learned in that lesson. The training is very suitable even for newbies who are not at all familiar with WordPress or Affiliate Marketing. Just take one step at a time and take action and within months you will be able to create Revenue Generating Website of your own.  

How Wealthy Affiliate University Works?

Wealthy Affiliate Review, How it works,

1.     Choose an Interest

You have to choose an Interest According to your passion and knowledge so that you can write endless content without a trouble.

If you don’t have any specific Niche in mind then you can also promote Wealthy Affiliate University Community and its keyword tool Jaxy and earn handsome Affiliate Commission.

There is lots of training available via Live Videos and written material which will show you How to Find your Niche and then related Affiliate Programs.

How to Find Niche?

Note: You have to think about What Products you are going to promote while choosing your Niche. Because it of no use to work on those Niches which you can’t Monetize Ultimately.

According to Me Choosing your Niche is the most vital step so do that wisely.

If you own a business or you provide any service like me then you can increase your client base.

2.     Build a Website

After choosing the Niche now it is time to create your site. Wealthy Affiliate University provides A-Z Training and Tools to create 2 Free Websites, domains and hosting for Starter Members. The Premium Members can create and host up to 50 Websites.      

Wealthy Affiliate University is One Stop place for Building your Revenue Generating Site.

How to Create Website in 30 seconds by Kyle?Wealthy Affiliate |

What you need to build a site?

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Site Builder
  • Word Press Training
  • Word Press Themes
  • Word Press Plug Ins
  • SSL Certificate Free of Cost

All the above and much more is available under One Roof. No compulsory upsell after Sign Up.

3. Attracting Visitors

Getting Targeted Traffic according to your Niche is a skill you have to learn.

The key to attracting visitors is to keep on adding helpful content considering the keywords you want to target. The ideal is to post one article daily which provides value to your readers, engage with your users by comments and solving their problem to build trust.

Along with Article Marketing you need to create related profiles in Social Media like Face Book, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, Quora etc. and don’t forget to share your Journey on Wealthy Affiliate University.

The idea here is to post one article daily targeting few keywords and within 2-3 months you will have 100s of Targeted Keywords sending traffic to your site.

Benefits of Sharing at Wealthy Affiliate University

Keep sharing new things as you are learning. Don’t ever think that you are newbie and your knowledge is not worth sharing. The Wealthy Affiliate University community is very helpful and encouraging (you will never receive any bad or disheartening comments here, like I have seen on YouTube and other Social Platforms 🙂   

Moreover by helping others you can practice your own Content Writing Skills which is must for Article Marketing and to be successful in your online business.

Whatever you post in Wealthy Affiliate University and other social Media platforms your content  get indexed by Search Engines and you will receive Back Links or Inbound Links if someone shares your content and that will help in your sites ranking and builds its trust over time.

4.     Generating Revenue

After you have considerable amount of Traffic According to your Niche. Then you can join Affiliate Programs like Amazon, Click Bank, Flip Cart, and Share-a-Sale etc.

There are thousands of Affiliate Programs in every Niche. You just need to Google “Niche + Affiliate Program” and you will find them easily.

Note: You have to think about What Products you are going to promote while choosing your Niche. Because it of no use to work on those Niches which you can’t Monetize Ultimately.

How to find relevant Affiliate Programs?

What I like about Wealthy Affiliate University a.k.a Money Making Program and its Training?

Community of Wealthy Affiliate University

It is very addictive and distracting. I am not much chatty person, but I love to read other people Success Stories, their methods of working, cool tricks of building Successful Sites as well as the difficulties and troubles in the Online and Off Line world.

Anytime better than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

I have wasted lots of my time on FB but not at Wealthy Affiliate University. Even if I waste time here but it not called wasted. I might be reading someone’s Journey to Success (Motivational). I might be reading Someone’s personal problem (Consoling that person). I might be helping someone or improving my knowledge and always learning something new. Though I might not be working on my site but I am always growing as a person. 


Here you can Blog about anything, simply anything be it going in your life or Online World. You will be amazed to see how strangers will come forward to help you in every way possible. In today’s heartless and selfish world it is amazing place to be.

Live Chat:

No matter, how much training is available but you will eventually get stuck and you need help. There are so many ways to get help and Live Chat is Instant 24 x 7 there is always someone who is Online.   

Search Bar:

It is data base or resource of Wealthy Affiliate University. Literally, it is endless like a sea. Just type in question there and you will find your answer say 90% of the time. You will find Video Training and Text Training of all sorts. Be it Word Press and its Plug-Ins and themes, Social Media, E-mail Marketing and the list goes on and on……

Ask and Learn in Classrooms:

It is one more way to get help and training. If you don’t find any satisfied answer to your problem then go to the relevant Classroom and type your Question there and you will get answer from the community after some time.

Various Classrooms at Wealthy Affiliate University

  • Getting Started
  • Wealthy Affiliate University Affiliate Program
  • Keyword, Niche and Market Research
  • Everything WordPress
  • Authoring & Writing Content
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Engagement & Marketing
  • Website Development & Programming
  • Local Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • The Wealthy Affiliate Platform
  • Pay Per Click Marketing

Site Support:

Wealthy Affiliate University support is very quick and helpful. Whenever you have any trouble related to your site then you can reach these guys.

Main Training Course by Kyle

Online Entrepreneur Certification

A Step by Step Guide to set up your Revenue Generating Website

What is Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp?

A complete step by step training is created for the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate University promotion called Bootcamp.

If you are not able to decide your Niche then you can promote Wealthy Affiliate University itself and its Keyword Tool called JAXY and get handsome recurring or yearly commissions.

Check Out the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Affiliate Program

How to claim Wealthy Affiliate discount and Bonus?

When you join as Starter Member then you have Seven Days Trial Period to get Wealthy Affiliate Discount of 59% i.e. Just 19 USD for the first month.

Read the success stories of the Community Members and your following doubts will clarify…..

Is Wealthy Affiliate University a Scam or Legit Program?

Does Wealthy Affiliate University Program Work?

Wealthy Affiliate University Testimonials and Success Stories by Real Members of the Community

Success Story of Josh

Success Story of Dom

Success Story by Saco

Read Reviews of Real Community Members!

Join for Free and Start Your Wealthy Affiliate Journey!

Kindly Feel Free to comment below and ask any question 🙂


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