Review Phlearn – How to Master Black & White in Photoshop

Perfect Black & White Photos Every Time

Converting a color photo into a perfect black & white image is much more difficult than just dropping the saturation.

Before and After Image - Retouching Black and White Photo in Photoshop
Retouching Black and White Photo in Photoshop

In this brand new tutorial, Aaron Nace will show you powerful Photoshop techniques to target subjects, colors, highlights, and shadows to make your images shine with vivid contrast and your own unique style. 

Aaron will also cover the benefits of seeing the world without color, helping concepts like composition, texture, light, and shadow all become much more powerful tools in your creative arsenal.

256 Shades of Gray

When converting an image from color to monochrome i.e. Black and White, each color will be interpreted as a shade of gray. Understanding how to manipulate these changes to get the most out of the tonal range will take your images to the next level.

Watch the Teaser of | How to Master Black and White in Photoshop

Review of Phlearn Pro Tutorial | How to Master Black n White in Photoshop by Aaron Nace

In this Pro Tutorial you will Learn

  • Global & Local Editing – There’s more to black and white than dropping the saturation to zero. We’ll show you how to balance an image using both global and local editing techniques. Learn the power of adjustment layers, layer masks, selections, and more to rescue details and help your subject stand out.
  • Light and Shadows – From the sharp, geometric shadows of an urban landscape to the rich texture of skin in an intimate portrait, photography is the art of shaping light and shadow to enhance details and evoke feeling. Great black and white images start before you press down the shutter on your camera and continue well into the editing process. We’ll help you get there, detailing every step of the way.
  • High Contrast, Low Contrast, and Monochrome Magic – Master the techniques involved in manipulating contrast, highlights, shadows, sharpening, vibrance, and saturation to create professional B&W images.
  • So Much More! Batch processing, creating presets and actions, developing a professional B&W workflow, developing a style of your own, correcting exposure, and more!
  • 24 HD Video Tutorials
  • 23 Sample Images
  • 1 Lightroom Preset
  • 3 Textures
  • 23 Exercises Covering Tons of Different Scenarios 
Make Photo Black White from Color in Photoshop

This Advanced Black & White tutorial is now streaming for PHLEARN PRO Subscribers right here.

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