How to Make a New Pattern in Photoshop 2018-19?

What is Pattern in Photoshop?

pattern is a small image (called Pattern Swatch) that is created in such a way that it  can repeat itself multiple times seamlessly  to fill a layer completely which is larger than the pattern itself. 

Photoshop has many preset pattern swatches. You can also create new patterns and save them for later use. 

Patterns can be used with various tools like Pattern Stamp Tool, Healing Brush Tool, Patch Tool and with Layer Styles. 

Seamless Repeatable Pattern in Photoshop
Seamless Repeatable Pattern in Photoshop

Watch the below Free Photoshop Tutorial by Phlearn and Learn
How to Create a New Repeatable Pattern in Photoshop

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Visit Phlearn for 600 Free Photoshop Tutorials
Visit Phlearn for 600 Free Photoshop Tutorials

Use of Patterns in Photoshop

You can use a repeatable Pattern to Add Texture to your images.  In our case, we used a repeatable Pattern to add a Background to our website.

Analyzing Your Texture 

We start off by opening a Texture and then analyzing it for the things it’d need to make a repeatable pattern.  We go over how to Color Correct so you can match your Light and dark Colors.


From there we show you how to blend the edges of your pattern from one side to another to it blends seamlessly.

Finishing Touches

Now that our pattern is created, we add our Text and image and we are good to go!  

Visit Phlearn for 600 Free Photoshop Tutorials
Visit Phlearn for 600 Free Photoshop Tutorials

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