How to do Dodge and Burn in Photoshop | Free Phlearn Tutorial

What is Dodge and Burn in Photoshop or Photography?

This is a traditional technique used by Photographers in darkroom to control the exposure of an image on specific areas is called Dodging and Burning . 

Photoshop has adopted the same terminology and created Dodge and Burn Tools for enhancing and decreasing the exposure on specific parts of an Image. 

Dodge and Burn in Photoshop

In Photoshop you simply have to paint with Dodge Tool to Lighten the image and paint with Burn Tool to Darken the same. 

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Non-Destructive Dodge and Burn Technique with Soft Light Layer in Photoshop

To have better control over the Process it is best to use a separate Layer for both Dodging and Burning. Use of Layers have many advantages like Opacity Control and Masking to refine the procedure. 

The importance of this is that while there are other ways to make adjustments to the overall brightness or hue of a photo, they generally apply the changes universally, which can give your photo a somewhat flat feel.

Use of Dodge n Burn in Retouching 

By using Burn and Dodge, you can create contours, shadows and depth, giving your photo an almost three-dimensional feel. With Dodge, you can also highlight certain areas of your photo where you want your viewer’s eye to be drawn.

Paint with Light in Photoshop

Master photographers follow in these footsteps, but they literally use light rather than a paintbrush to create texture and depth.

Not all photos are shot in a studio, and setting up lighting just right takes a great deal of time. Thanks to the Dodge tool, this is no longer necessary. With Dodge, you can create a pinpoint of light on exactly the right area of your subject to create highlights and low lights, richness and depth.

Make Your Black-and-Whites Pop

While Burn and Dodge can be used on color photos to create richness and depth, the place where they possibly shine the most is on black and white photos. Many black and white photos lack true, rich contrast and are instead a somewhat bland series of grays. Dodge allows you to brighten whites into crisp, bold pops of vibrant color. When applied to black and white photos, Burn and Dodge can turn the blandest and most boring photo into a stunning, vibrant work of art.

Dodge is also a great tool for lightening up faces cast in shadows, applying subtle highlights that make the subject stand out from the background. Want to create a brilliant beam of sunshine to accentuate your toddler’s fine blonde hair? Dodge can do that! Do you want to create a subtle “spotlight” that shines directly on that gorgeous engagement ring? Dodge can take care of that, too!

For more great tips, tools and tricks using Dodge for Photoshop, please check out our tutorial video. We have a comprehensive library of instructional videos to help you get the most out of Photoshop.

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