How Do you Use Clone Stamp Tool? | Free Photoshop Tutorial by Phlearn

What is Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool?

This tool lets you copy an area of the image by setting sample on that particular area and then duplicate it to the damaged areas.

What is the Use of Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool?

Stamp Tool is used for repairing damaged areas of an image by painting the non-damaged parts of the image over the same.


The Clone Stamp Tool is different from Spot Healing Brush Tool as it doesn’t do auto-blending like the Healing Tool.

Choose Window→Clone Source to open the Clone Source panel.

You can save multiple clone sources to refer to while working. Even better, you can scale, preview, and rotate your clone source — before you start cloning.

Using the Clone Source Dialog

The Clone Source Dialog is available by going to Window > Clone Source. Here you will see options for Clone Source, Transformation options, as well as Overlay options. We go through each of these options and show you how we set up our Clone Stamp Tool.

Photoshop has the “Show Overlay” option checked by default however we prefer to keep it unchecked. The Overlay can get in the way and is always available by hitting OPTN+SHIFT.

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Adjusting Clone Stamp Selections

After using the Clone Stamp Tool to cover the lapel microphone there are still some Adjustments that need to be made. It is best to use the Clone Stamp tool on New Layers so you can Transform the selection afterwards. To do this hit CMD+T then right click on the layer. You will be able to rotate, skew, Transform and Warp the selection so it fits with the image better.

After getting the Clone Stamp selection in place we use a great technique to blend Exposures. Some areas of this layer need to be lighter and some need to be darker and we accomplish this using a combination of a Brush Tool set to blending mode “Soft Light” and the “Lock Transparency” Option in the layer dialog; This will allow you to only paint over non-Transparent pixels.

We then paint Black and White over the layer to brighten or Darken it accordingly.

Use Clone Stamp with Different Brushes

Many people think that you are limited to a soft round Brush when it comes to the Clone Stamp tool. The Clone Stamp tool can use any custom Brush the regular Brush Tool can use. Try adjusting your Brush shape or creating your own custom brush to best complete your project.

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