Learn How to do Face Swap in Photoshop by Aaron Nace from Phlearn

Why would you want to do Face Swap in Photoshop?

To photographers it is always advised that while taking a group shot always click multiple pictures of the same scenario. Because it is very much likely that out of 4-5 subjects one is always in weird situation. After mastering this Head Swapping Technique you will be easily able to replace closed eyes with open ones, or replace a crying baby with a happy one.

Learn How to Swap or Replaces Faces or Heads in Photoshop

It is amazing to see how Photoshop fanatics use it to do all kinds of editing like replace animal faces with human faces and vise versa. Replacing Celebrity Faces with their own etc. There are no limits on how you can use this incredible software to showcase your creativity.

Watch Face Replacement Tutorial by Phlearn and Learn How to Swap Heads in Photoshop

Quick and Easy

First, drag the image with the good Face on top of the image with the not so good Face. Make a selection around the head, and hold Cmd + J. This will duplicate whatever is selected onto a New Layer.

Now, lower the Opacity of the layer so that you can place it directly over the other Face. If needed, Transform it to be larger or smaller so that it matches perfectly. Create a Layer Mask on the layer. Then, paint with black wherever you don’t want the layer to show up.

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One tricky thing you’ll most likely run into is knowing where to stop. Ideally, you’ll keep as much of the original image as possible. Play around with blending in things like Hair and clothes to help you out. If there are problem areas, you can use the Clone Stamp tool as a back up, cloning in any areas that need to be covered.

You can also play with Exposure and Coloring to match the new image with the old one.


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