Review of Retouching 101-301 by Aaron Nace Phlearn

Learn to master the Art of Retouching from the world’s #1 Photoshop instructor, Aaron Nace.

Phlearn decided to go out and create a more effective process to Retouch Photos and Retouching 101-301 is the result of that effort.

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What you will Learn in Retouching 101-301 
Retouching Tools

Learn the right tools for the job and save time. 

Learn Proper Retouching

Learn to make people look their best while maintaining texture, detail and color. The photos shouldn’t look “Over Retouched.” 

Dodging and Burning: Special Method by Aaron Nace
Culling in Lightroom
Combine Multiple Exposures to Increase Dynamic Range (HDR)
Frequency Separation

It allows you to separate skin texture from skin color and edit each separately. Down custom actions and learn to smooth skin under pores. 

Retouching of Eyes, Lips and Mouth
Transform Shape with Liquify Filter
Working with Skin tone and Color 

Skin Tone Chart and Color Swatches Included

Perfect Hair Retouching

Learn to create Individual Hair strands by using special Photoshop Brushes. 

Learn How to Add Digital Makeup In Photoshop
How to Match Skin Tones and Much More
Read Client’s Review

Client's Review of Retouching 101-301 by Aaron Nace from Phlearn

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