How to Install/Add Photoshop Brushes

How to Install/Add Photoshop Brush and Use it Effectively 

In this tutorial you will Learn How to Add or Install Phlearn Smoke and Fog brush and also how to use it effectively.  Go to ….

Edit > Preset > Preset Manager > Preset Type > Brushes > Click Load > Select the Smoke and Fog Brush > Click Load

(Present Manager: Apart from Brushes you can add new Swatches, Gradients, Patterns etc into Photoshop)

Now Select the brush you want to Load in Photoshop and hit Open (Lower RHS)

The new Loaded Brush appear at the end of the list in the Preset Manager. You can Click and drag the brush to your desired location.

How to Install/Add Photoshop Brushes

 On a new layer paint Fog with it and lower the opacity to make it realistic.

Select Eraser Tool and Select Fog Brush to erase Fog with Fog Eraser Tool.

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