How to Create GIF or Frame Animation in Photoshop

In this Free Photoshop Tutorial you will Learn How to create animated GIF of a basketball.

Open the Image of the ball in Photoshop.

Remove its background if any.

Make a new layer below the ball and fill it with white.

Go to Windows > Time Line > Frame Animation (not Video Timeline)

Select the First Frame and Position the ball on the  LHS out of the frame.

Create Second Frame and Position the ball in the middle bottom where you want to hit it.

Now Select both frames and click the Tween Tool and add 10 frames in between.

Now Create 3rd frame and position the ball out of the frame.

Again use Tween tool to add frames in between.

Your Frame Animation GIF is ready and now save it for web. 

You can loop the GIF for once or sometimes or forever  as per requirement.

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