Review of Phlearn Photoshop 101-301 by Aaron Nace

Name: Photoshop 101-301

Price: $150  129 USD Downloadable

Pro Membership: $9.95 USD/month

Author: Aaron Nace

Who it’s for: Newbie, Intermediate and Expert

Phlearn Photoshop Pro Tutorials by Aaron Nace

Consists of 3 courses together namely

  • Photoshop 101 for Beginners
  • Photoshop 201 for Intermediate
  • Photoshop 301 for Advanced Users.

Each 50 USD if you buy individually i.e. $150 or $129 if you purchase Bundle Pack Photoshop 101-301.

By purchasing the course you can download all the videos along with Project Files and watch whenever you like without internet. While in membership mode you have to watch online.

But I would recommend you go for Phlearn Pro Membership of 9.95 USD/month.

How does PHLEARN PRO subscription work?

You can watch any number of tutorials, as many times as you want, across any of your devices, for a flat rate of $9.95 per month. They will bill you once a month and you can cancel any time when done learning.   

Phlearn Photoshop 101-301

It’s time to master Photoshop. You have never seen a course like Phlearn Photoshop 101-301. Five years in the making. This is the longest, most comprehensive, and fun Photoshop tutorial ever. Nearly 22 hours of instruction in total!

Learn, side-by-side with the #1 Photoshop Instructor in the world, Aaron Nace.

It’s time to take your knowledge and ability from beginner, all the way to advance Level in Photoshop. Prepare to dive in head first and tackle all of Photoshop’s most powerful tools.

Discover best practices that every photographer and photo retoucher will benefit from. Never look at the dozens of tools and their endless amount of options the same way again. Phlearn makes it easy!

BONUS: Practice Files Included.

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Review of Phlearn Photoshop 101 by Aaron Nace

Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 7.5 hours
Price: $ 50 Downloadable Videos
Pro Membership: $9.95 USD/month Online Videos

What you will Learn in Photoshop 101?

  • Proper Workflow
  • Color Profiles
  • Layer, Masking and Groups
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Retouching Techniques
  • Typographic Basics
  • Advanced Selections
  • Quick Mask Selections
  • Introduction to Filters
  • Healing and Cloning
  • Brush Controls and shortcuts
  • Create Custom Brushes
  • Dodge and Burn
  • Eraser v/s Masks
  • Transform, Warp and Scale
  • Layer Alignment
  • Add, Subtract and Create Selections
  • Crop More Effectively
  • Transform, Warp and Scale
  • Export Perfectly for Web
  • Practice Exercise Files Included
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Review of Phlearn Photoshop 201 by Aaron Nace

Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 8 hours
Price: $ 50 Downloadable Videos
Pro Membership: $9.95 USD/month Online Videos

What you will Learn in Photoshop 201?

When you have basic knowledge of Photoshop then it is time to sharpen your skills in more advanced fields.

  • Adobe Camera RAW (ACR)
  • Correct White Balance and Exposure
  • Lens Correction
  • Creating Presets
  • Learn Every Adjustment Layer
  • Creating Patterns
  • Action Creations to Save Time
  • More advanced techniques of Retouching
  • Complete library of Photoshop Filters
  • Advanced Blur and Sharpen Techniques for Retouching
  • Smart Filters Explained
  • Body and Feature Modification by Liquefy Tool
  • Custom Brush Creation
  • Flow V/s Opacity
  • Advanced Dodging and Burning Techniques for enhancing features of a Subject
  • Advanced Brush Options
  • Layer Styles aka Fx in
  • All about Blending Modes
  • Combine and Remix Techniques
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Review of Phlearn Photoshop 301 by Aaron Nace

Difficulty: Advanced      

Duration: 5.25 hours

What you will Learn in Photoshop 301?

Increase your skills for working with typography and design. Discover the awesome potential of working in 3D. See how smart objects, filters and layers can make last minute changes easier.

  • Learn 3D Capabilities in Photoshop
  • 3D Printing in Photoshop
  • Lights, Camera, Render
  • Your Own Logo in 3D
  • Warping and Scaling
  • Puppet Warp
  • Content Aware
  • Pen Tool and Paths
  • Make Perfect Cutouts
  • Create Precise Selections
  • Vector Masks
  • Creating Perfect Shadows
  • Hair Masking: Cut Out Curly Hair
  • Use Smart Objects: To keep the resolution un-harmed.  
  • Add Fonts using Adobe Type kit
  • Advanced Type Controls
  • Create a Custom Logo
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